Digital print

Jetrion 4900

Our specialization is the UV Ink Jet Jetrion 4900 digital technology with a laser cut. Permanent UV ink is used (CMYK + white), which is approriate for extremely heavy-duty conditions, it is scrape-resistant and excellently light permanent. Going through the machine once, labels can be printed, cut and made ready on a final roll. Thanks to this, the machine is suitable for short run printing and orders which put emphasis on variety. You can also use it when printing VDP labels (variables, codes, EANs, etc.).

Xeikon 3300

Xeikon is a rotary digital printing machine, which uses technology of electrophotography with a dry powder toner. There are five colour stations at your disposal (CMYK + white), then 1200 x 3600 dpi print resolution with a changeable rise of a print dot. Intensity and co-print are automatically checked during the printing process. The maximum width of a print material is 333 mm and the maximum width of print is 322 mm. Label cutting is done by a conventional technology. There is a possibility of label refinement by means of lamination and varnish.